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Player Commands

Post by Kay on Tue 21 May 2013, 04:08

Hey every players of Anime Story,

This guide might or might not be helpful. Basically, in this guide, I'll explain in details, with some screenshots for almost every player commands available in the game. Of course, the commands that are removed will be removed from here too. In other words, I'll update this thread as the game goes on!

I hope it helps you guys! Especially new players!

Q: What is a Player Command?
A: A Player Command is a function that happens when you type the proper command in the player chat. Every Player Command begins with a "@". When you type in the command you want and sent the message, it won't be shown in the chat, but instead, it will activate it's function. If you entered an invalid command, the System will reply saying that the Player Command does not exist. To know the list of commands and it's details, scroll down!

  • "@help"
    Shows the list of available commands for players!

  • "@str, @dex, @int, @luk "
    This is the command for players who want to put their stats easily. Let's see the picture as example. If I type in the chat box, "@str 35", it will add 35 Ability Points to my Str just as seen in the picture. And, to show you that it's done, the system will automatically say in the chat "Str has been raised by 35." So, you might see in the chat box, it says "Dex has been raised by 35." What actually happened is I typed "@dex 35" before taking the screenshots. Same for the others, I typed "@int 12" and "@luk 40". Obviously, you cannot use this command if you do not have enough Ability Points. If it ever happens by mistake, let's say you have 37 available points, and you typed 38 or 39 by accident, you won't get banned. The system will simply reply "You don't have enough AP for that" where AP stand for Ability Points.

    Q: How to earn Ability Points?
    A:You'll earn them whenever you level up during the game. Normally, you get 5 Ability Points per level except if you're a Cygnus Knight. Cygnus gets more points depending of the level. It varies. Another way to earn Ability Points is by changing job. When you change job at level 120, you'll get 5 bonus Ability Points.

  • "@mob"
    This command might be one of the less used in the game. Basically, this command will give you the details about the nearest monster from you. As seen in the image, I'm beside a Snail, the System will tell me the Snail's position, it's level, HP, MP and more. This isn't useful when you're using it against Snails, ha-ha. It's more useful, let's say, when you're fighting a boss which doesn't have the HP Bar shown. For example, Black Crow. When you fight the Black Crow, you don't see his HP Bar, and yet, he has 35,000,000 HP. And for players who does decent damage, it can be quite long to kill. So you can use this command to keep track of it's HP instead of wondering how far you are from finishing.

  • "@fm"
    Not much to explain about this one... It warps you to the Free Market Entrance. Some specifications, to use this command, you have to be above level 10. For what reason? We don't want any bots who joins the server and goes to Free Market directly to advertise. But the level requirement might be removed soon. Sometimes, in certain map, you cannot use this command. For example, inside the Boss Party Quest, you cannot use any player commands. So get ready before taking the challenge!

  • "@rb"
    What does "rb" means? It means Rebirth. This command will let you rebirth once your character reach level 200.

    Q: What is a rebirth?
    A: A rebirth, sometimes known as reborn, is when a player reach level 200 and restarts at level 1 but keeping it's previous skills and stats. For example, a Bishop level 200 who uses this command will become a beginner level 0. Then if he choose to becomes a Warrior, he can still use the skills he had from Magician class that are usable without a staff/wand, like Holy Symbol. And since the player keeps it's previous stats, the level 1 player who just reborn-ed won't be a "normal" Beginner. Just a quick note, skills that are not on your joypad settings cannot be taken back after you've reborn-ed. So if you didn't put the skill of a Bishop, Angel Ray, into any of your keys. After you reborn-ed, you cannot put it anymore as it won't be shown in the Skill tab. To get it back, you'll have to become a Magician again once you reach 200. So make sure you have all the skills you want to keep before using it!

    Q: When I reborn, it turns me into a Beginner. How do I become other classes like Cygnus, or let's say I want to be an Aran?
    A: Currently, to reborn into a job other than explorer, you'll have to meet in person Dances with Balrog. Which means there's no player commands for that at the moment. You'll have to go to Perion, and visit the Job Instructor. He'll ask you what job you want to be. If you want to be a Cygnus Knight, like Dawn Warrior, then choose Noblesse (The Beginner class of Cygnus Knights) from Hidden Jobs section. If you want Aran, then choose "Hidden Jobs" then click Legend (Beginner class of Aran).

    Q: What is the category "Hidden Jobs"?
    A: This is all the jobs you can become after you've reborn-ed only. For example, Demon Slayers, Jett, or Cannon Shooters. So, in other words, you can't access this section if you haven't reborn-ed first.

    Q: Is Dances with Balrog only for Warriors?
    A: No, our Job Instructor are all universal job changers. The reason why we're telling you to go to Dances with Balrog is because he's always the first Job NPC we will update over the others. So if we're adding items, like Dual Bowgun when you change job to Mercedes, or other items for respective jobs, you'll be sure to get them if you go see Dances with Balrog! But if you don't need the items anyways, then it wouldn't make a big difference seeing the other instructors like Grendel the very Old!

  • "@cleardrops"
    The name of this command is pretty self explanatory. It clears the drop of the map. Why is this command here? It's for players who trains but are too lazy to pick up the items the monster drops. To help the server, please clear the drops. Since if everyone leaves their drops, it might cause some lag to the server. Although, if there's too many items or when the items are there too long, it will auto clear. But, if you clear it yourself, it's sure that the items won't be the cause of your lag!

  • "@cody"
    Oh Cody, our generous friend. This command opens up the Warper. He can teleport you to any town available in his list. And, as I said, he's generous. Every time you use this command, there's a 5% chance of winning mesos between 1~300,000,000. (It was up to 1,000,000,000 mesos before. But now it's been changed.) It might seem like 5% isn't a lot, but we got some lucky players who always win as if it was 50% chance. For example, Justin and Natsu are common players who often win mesos from Cody! So if you see them in the notice, don't be surprised! And visit Cody to test your luck!

    Q: What's are the Special Maps?
    A: The special maps are the maps that you currently cannot access via the portal because it's bugged. Once the portal is fixed, normally, it will be removed from the list. Except if we believe it is a useful map where players can train. For example, Under the Castle Walls 1 works perfectly fine and it's still there because it's a good spot for training commonly used by players. So we left it there for quick access. An example of map that will be removed once it's fixed is Hallowed Ground. The map where it leads you to the Pre-Quest of Cygnus. The portal is currently bugged so you can access it by Cody for the Quest. You might see 5 Hallowed Ground, but it brings you to 5 different Hallowed Ground, it's not the same!

    Here's an example of what "exactly" happens when you win mesos from Cody.

    Just a quick note. If you keep too much mesos with you, and you win mesos. You might sometimes not get it. Why? Well, if the amount of mesos you currently have + the meso you're supposed to win exceed 2,470,000,000 mesos, you just won't get it. So what are you supposed to do with your mesos? You can either put it into your Storage Keeper, or trade 2,000,000,000 Mesos for a Golden Maple Leaf! What's that for? It's to "make space" for your mesos! So be sure to have enough "slots" for mesos before visiting Cody!

    More than 1 Player can win meso at the same time. Not because 2 person use Cody at the same moment that 1 of them has 0% chance of getting mesos. Here's an example of 3 person winning at the same time!

  • "@miki"
    Opens the potion shop! You can use it for quick refill potions, recharge stars or even sell items you don't want!

  • "@AIO"
    Opens the All-In One Shop from our server! You can quickly purchase equips that are sold in different Weapon and Armor stores of each town! High level items has to be "hunted" from monster drops or else, you can win some from certain Mini Games/Events at the Free Market!

  • "@PvP"
    Pretty simple command. This will warp you to the entrance for PvP!

    Q: What is PvP?
    A: PvP stands for Player Versus Player. Instead of slaying monsters, you're going to fight against other players of the game! There's a place in the game where you can enter rooms to take on different modes of PvP! For example, some team match, free-for-all, and capture the flag or even Ice Knight. Details about each mode are given by the NPC in charge of PvP in game! Visit him to learn more!

  • "@Heracle"
    This is for guildless players who wants to create or join a guild. Heracle will show you the list of existing guilds in the server that are accepting to receive new recruits!

  • "@sellitems < eq, use, setup, etc >"
    This command is pretty complicated for certain players. Please make sure you understand before you use this!This commands sells all the items and cannot be bought back! Here's a quick explanation. Let's say you have 5 1-handed sword in your Equip (eq) tab. Three of them are on the first three slots. So in your inventory equip tab, there's 3 swords on the first 3 squares. Then you let an empty square on the 4th slow. And the 2 others are on the 5th and 6th slot. When you use this command, you choose which category you want to sell. In our example, we going to sell equip tab. So we type in "@sellitems eq" where eq stands for Equip. The NPC will sell all the items from slot 1 until the empty slot. In our case, it's square 4. So the first 3 slots will be emptied and you will receive the meso for the values of the items. If you have no empty slots, then it will sell all the items that are "chained" together! This is for quick selling instead of selling one by one in a store!

  • "@Skill"
    Players normally really like this command! Have you ever been tired of putting your Skill Points one by one? Well this command here solves the problem! It opens up the Manager for your skills. Since in Anime Story, there's no Skill Maxer NPC, as it will make the game too easy. We decided to make an NPC to "compensate" players. This NPC can put your skill points into the skill you want easily. As fast as a Skill Maxer, but without making the game "too easy". The Skill manager will show you you're available skill points, a list of available skills, the current level of your skill and the master level of the skill. This is a function where we promise it's exclusive in our server! Something you've never seen before! For fourth job skills, the master level shown is the master level of your skill. Which means, if you don't look for mastery books, you won't get them! And, the Skill Manager shows you all of the skill available for your job, even if your skill's master level is zero. For example, when you're a Hero, you need to get the Mastery Book of Advanced Combo Attack to learn that skill. In your Skill Manager, you'll be able to see it, but you cannot raise it if you haven't got the book first. The same logic as in your skill tab, you won't see it, if you don't have the book. So before posting it into the bug section, please make sure if your skill isn't required to be learned from a Mastery Book!

  • "@dcash"
    This NPC will help you drop Cash Items that you don't want no more.

  • "@tsmega"
    This command will toggle On/Off the megaphones. If you think they are annoying, simply use this command to not see them.

  • "@ea" or "@dispose"
    This will "dispose" you. Which means, if you're unable to attack, unable to talk to a NPC or use a command that you can normally use, it will fix the problem. Sometimes, when you try to use a command, for example "@cody". It will say "You cannot use this command here." but you're sure you've used it here before, then it's because you're not "disposed". Why will this happen? It's because you've started a conversation with a NPC and the "chat" never ended so you need to end it manually by using this command."

  • "@clearslot < eq, use, setup, etc, cash, all >"
    Pretty much the same as "@sellitems". The main difference is you can remove Cash & Setup items, or even all. But you don't get mesos for what you're clearing. So it's more useful for item that cannot be sold, like Cash items that you don't need.

  • "@checkdrop"
    Have you ever wondered what the monster you're hunting drops? How many percentage there is from dropping the item you want? Here's the perfect command for it!

  • '@job"
    Universal Job Changer. You can advance without leaving your training map!

If you have any questions, any things you don't like or any suggestions for us regarding the Game, the Website, the Forum or anything else, you can private message me.

Once you start hacking, you cannot stop. You won't be able to resist to that feeling of not hacking anymore. I might not be able to find you, see you hack or ban you on the first day, but rest assured, I'll get you another day. Every hacker has the same fate; a permanent ban.

I'm looking forward on making a great community, and for me to succeed, I need your help.


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