Guess the Words!

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Guess the Words!

Post by Kay on Sun 26 May 2013, 11:01

Today, on May 26th,

We're releasing a new "Quest" we made. So, what is this about? Hmm, it's a really simple game. We've added the Letters A to Z on every monsters's drop. Your goal is to collect the letters and form some specific words related to Anime Story. Just a quick note, if you plan on using two A, you'll have to have it twice in your inventory.

Rewards will vary depending on the word you submitted. The longer the word is, a better reward will be given. It can go from Experience Points only, to In-Game items and Quest Points! The max length of a word can reach up to 10 letters.

One important point is the list of available words will not be released. We will only release One Word as an example, take a look at the screenshots! It is up to Players to try to figure out this hidden list of words! And, when a Player finds a word, he has the choice to release it or keeping it a secret! It's like entering a "Password" to get items! Players can use this thread to share their discoveries!

And obviously, some letters are less common than the others. If you plan on selling, be sure to know their rarity!

The list of available letters shown in the screenshots are the letters you've found from monsters!


This event is hosted by PinK at the Free Market.
Have fun and good luck searching!

If you have any questions, any things you don't like or any suggestions for us regarding the Game, the Website, the Forum or anything else, you can private message me.

Once you start hacking, you cannot stop. You won't be able to resist to that feeling of not hacking anymore. I might not be able to find you, see you hack or ban you on the first day, but rest assured, I'll get you another day. Every hacker has the same fate; a permanent ban.

I'm looking forward on making a great community, and for me to succeed, I need your help.


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