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Post by Kay on Tue 21 May 2013, 06:58

The website is currently down. This might last up to 24 hours. For some reasons, decided to stop giving us the domain of ...

Here's the link for our game client.
Here's the temporarily website

Our system has AutoRegister, so simply login as if you already made the account and the account will automatically register.

If you have any questions, any things you don't like or any suggestions for us regarding the Game, the Website, the Forum or anything else, you can private message me.

Once you start hacking, you cannot stop. You won't be able to resist to that feeling of not hacking anymore. I might not be able to find you, see you hack or ban you on the first day, but rest assured, I'll get you another day. Every hacker has the same fate; a permanent ban.

I'm looking forward on making a great community, and for me to succeed, I need your help.


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