How to install Anime Story

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How to install Anime Story

Post by Kay on Fri 17 May 2013, 07:57

Hey there,

This is a guide with pictures on how to install Anime Story. The first question you need to ask yourself is, do you have Maplestory v117?

Step 1. Open the download page. Click here! I don't think you need a picture on how to open a link!

Step 2. Now, if the answer to our first question is yes, you already have Maplestory v117, then go to Step 3.

& then, check the "I Agree..." and click on download! (Ignore the NovaMSSetupv117.exe, for some reasons, the old website where we uploaded our Setup started charging people for downloading, so here's a free link!)

Step 3. Open the Setup you've downloaded. If you didn't change the download location, it should be located in your folder called Downloads.

Step 4. Click Accept!

Step 5. Select where you want to install it as shown in the picture written in Black. When you're ready, click on Accept as shown in red in the picture.

Step 6. Download the AnimeStory Client from our download page!

Click On Global Server Download

Then click the green download button!

Step 7. Once you've downloaded AnimeStory, click on extract as shown in the picture!

Step 8. Choose the location of your Maplestory folder as shown below! When you've found it, click on "OK", circled in red in the picture.

If a box pop out saying that the file already exist, click on "Yes to all"

If the box didn't pop out, no worry, it's not a problem! Just keep on to the next step!

Step 9. Now, open your folder and run AnimeStory.exe to get in game! If there's a patch window that comes out, let it patch! It's going to update your v117.1 to v117.2! Then after it's done, open AnimeStory.exe! If you're system is running on Windows 8, read Step 10.

Step 10. This is only for users who are running on Windows 8. If you're not, just simply stop at step 9. Users who are having the Themida error simply needs to download this here, and extract to your Maplestory folder. Replace the old Maplestory.exe with the new one and run launcher! Smile

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